Capture One Pro 12 "The Basics" Class  (4 Hours)  $99 per person

This training program is designed for any serious amateur or professional  photographer that would like to get a good start with Capture One Pro 12 software and take advantage of this powerful image processing and image management application.  We will cover all of the most important tools to help you get better image quality than ever before plus the brand new features in version 12.



We consistently hear how limited photographers feel Lightroom is and how it slows their creative flow. We feel the same way and that is why at Harwin Camera we are huge fans of Capture One software.

Converting from a comfortable workflow is never easy, but if you’re moving to more robust software with higher quality results it should be well worth the effort.


We will cover all of the most important tools in the asset management features of Capture One 12


Capture One Pro 12 "Advanced" Class   (8 Hours)  $199 per person

Are you comfortable with your basic skills in Capture One but eager to explore and understand more of the exceptional power of the new Capture One Pro 12?  This is the class that can help you discover the hidden treasures in Capture One that will help you create even better images and save more time in your image processing.  Our advanced program is perfect for digital techs, photographers and retouchers who are looking for intensive training in Capture One Pro 12.





New York City   •   Boston   •   St. Louis   •   San Francisco

Learn "The Basics" of Capture One 12 - Half-Day Class

Gain an Expertise in Capture One 12 - Full-Day "Advanced" Class

Transition to Capture One 12 from Lightroom "The right way"